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What is the Australia Forum on Sexuality, Education and Health?

The Australia Forum on Sexuality, Education and Health aims to brings together researchers, practitioners, community leaders and policy makers from across the fields of sexuality, education and health. The goal is to discuss and debate contemporary issues and concerns, build and consolidate networks, and develop joint projects and initiatives together.

Bringing together a range of people across Australia, the Forum is led by Professor Peter Aggleton (Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Australia).

The Forum’s founding members include

Kath Albury (UNSW Australia), Steve Bell (UNSW Australia), Paul Byron (UNSW Australia), Kellie Burns (University of Sydney), Cristyn Davies (University of Sydney), Gary Dowsett (La Trobe University), Angela Dwyer (QUT), Tania Ferfolja (University of Western Sydney), Daniel Marshall (Deakin University), David McInnes (University of Western Sydney), Kane Race (University of Sydney), Mary Lou Rasmussen (Monash University), Kerry Robinson (University of Western Sydney), Elizabeth Stephens (University of Queensland), Jodie Taylor (Griffith University) and Jackie Ullman (University of Western Sydney).

Together with colleagues and supporters from a range of community groups and non-statutory agencies, AFSEH works to enhance the quality of discussion and debate on issues of sex, sexuality and relationships.

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